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Pop-Up Software & Login Problems...

All LuxuryRes online systems are designed to display in a Pop-Up Window when you login: Accounting, Reservations Systems and Reporting.
If you are experiencing problems Logging-In to one of these systems, it is likely that you have Pop-Up Blocker software that is interfering with
the way that our systems use Pop-Up screens. XP2 and higher enables a Pop-Up Blocker by default. There are many other versions of Pop-Up
Blocker Software and each has different procedures for allowing specified Pop-Up windows to appear. Due to the fact there are numerous
freeware programs available, we are unable to list exact steps for all of them. The instructions below will quickly solve 95% of all Login problems:

Step 1 —

We have seen computers where 2 or 3 different Pop-Up Blocker applications have been installed. We highly recommend that you de-install all but one Pop-Up Blocker. We have seen cases where one or both Pop-Up Blocker applications are disabled, yet pop-ups still cannot be displayed. We have no explanation for this phenomenon, but we have observed it several times. So, it is important to de-install all but one Pop-Up Blocker.

Step 2 —

Most Pop-Up Blockers have a Settings area where you can add "Acceptable" or "Trusted" Pop-Ups. Go to that configuration area and add, and to the list of acceptable domains.

Step 3 —

Go to a Login Screen and enter your User ID and Password. Hold the "Ctrl Key" down and click the Login/Enter button. This temporarily disables some Pop-Up Blocker Software and our System Pop-Ups will display.

Step 4 —

Check to see if a new window opened but "Popped-Down" to your Task Bar. Click on each Internet Explorer icon in the Task Bar located at the bottom of your computer screen and check the window contents.

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