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GDS and Cloud-Based Hotel Reservation Systems to improve your bottom line
Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Online Booking Engine, Property Management System (PMS), “Smart” Website
Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click…

Powerful Reservation Technology

The WIRED hotel system connects your hotel’s eDistribution to over 750,000 travel agents and over 5,000 travel portals in 27 languages via GDS. We connect directly to online travel agents like, Expedia, Travelocity and many others.

We also provide connections to meta search portals like TripAdvisor, Kayak, and Google. We ensure that you consistently outsmart and outpace your competitors. The result is more revenue with less work.

Minimized Workload

The WIRED hotel system produces strong measurable results. When e-Distribution Services are pursued individually, each will produce some increase in revenue. But when pursued together as part of a cohesive overall

plan, the results are multiplied exponentially as each Web Service influences and enhances the other Services to produce stronger revenue results (more money!)

Maximized Revenue

LuxuryRes will help you leverage the power of the Internet to turn online 'Lookers' into loyal 'Bookers.' We offer nexGen e-Reservation software including multiple booking engines styles, each designed to suit

your specific needs. All versions are powerful and robust — yet very guest-friendly and simple for your staff to manage. This translates into more guests and more revenue for you.

“New” Super–Fast Booking Engine!

Completely Redesigned Back-end...

New Features —

New "Derived-Rate" Functionality —

Cross-Platform Compatible —

Multi-Browser Compatible —

Faster Reporting —

Contact a LuxuryRes rep for details — + 713.524.2600

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Hotel Website DesignHotel Global Distribution System

The Global Distribution System is not just one system. It is a combination of five major Global Distribution Systems. A Global Distribution System provides reservation channels for booking hotels, cars, airlines and cruises. LuxuryRes specializes in providing GDS connections to independent hotels and small chains.

The major GDS companies are Sabre, Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Worldspan, and Abacus. Galileo, Worldspan and Apollo merged in 2008 to create a single entity called Travelport, however the original GDS networks that comprise TP still operate as separate entities.

The primary customers of a GDS are Travel Agents (both bricks-and-mortar and online). Each GDS provides an electronic channel for travel agents to book hotel rooms. It is important to note that a GDS does not maintain any inventory.

When a Travel Agents shops for hotels in a particular city via the GDS to which the agency subscribes, the GDS routes the request to the LuxuryRes Central Reservation System. The GDS reads the data that resides in the LuxuryRes Central Reservation System and displays that on the travel agent’s screen (or website). This enables a Travel Agent who subscribes to a single GDS to see and book all of the hotels in a city that are part of the GDS.

LuxuryRes provides a seamless connection to all of these different Global Distribution Systems (GDS). LuxuryRes connects your hotel to the GDS via a robust database that you can control via your PMS, channel manager or manually. In addition to connecting to the Global Distribution System, LuxuryRes provides distribution via “direct connections” to most online travel agents. These connections enable your staff to control literally hundreds of distribution channels with a single click in your PMS or via the LuxuryRes website.

Call today to see how a better connection to the Global distribution System can increase you hotel’s revenue.

Online Booking EngineOnline Booking Software

LuxuryRes is famous for its state-of-the-art online booking software. If your hotel is going to be competitive in today's marketplace then your website must have an easy-to-use online booking software system. You will find that our online booking and reservation software is unmatched for ease of use and dependability.

Hotel Website DesignHotel Website Design

As the travel industry continues to evolve and become more competitive, hotel website design increases in importance. It is very easy to find a web designer. However, it is not so easy to find one that understands the hotel business. LuxuryRes specializes in hotel website design. Our years of experience give us an in-depth understanding of the hotel industry and how website design can positively affect a hotel’s profitability. We know that a great hotel website is much more than an online brochure. Great hotel website design ensures that both guests and search engines can easily find and navigate the site, thereby ensuring its visibility and profitability.

Online Booking Engine or Hotel Booking EngineOnline Booking Engine or Hotel Booking Engine

We have developed a very sophisticated online booking engine that can be scaled and customized to fit any size hotel or web booking portal. Our hotel booking engine provides a very user-friendly interface. Guest can easily check availability and book reservations with minimal computer skills. Our online booking engine is also very easy for staff to manage, thereby saving time and money.

Houston Hotel Website DesignHouston Hotel Website Design

LuxuryRes is located in Houston, TX and has for years been the recognized leader in Houston hotel website design. We will be pleased to share our portfolio of Houston hotel websites and discuss your hotel website and hotel internet marketing needs.

Hotel GDS System or Global Distribution SystemHotel GDS System or Global Distribution System

Our hotel GDS system (Global Distribution System) connects to more online travel websites than any other distribution provider. We connect to all 4 of the major Hotel GDS and over 500,000 travel agents worldwide. Contact us today to discuss how electronic distribution via the massive hotel GDS network can benefit your hotel.

Hotel Internet MarketingHotel Internet Marketing

LuxuryRes is a leading provider of hotel internet marketing services to the hospitality industry. Our hotel internet marketing strategies including hotel website design, Hotel GDS integration, Hotel SEO, Online Booking Engine, Online Booking Software.

Hotel SEOHotel SEO

We are experts at hotel SEO and have taken many hotel websites from deep in the search engine results to the top of the first page for their specific search terms. It is an undisputed fact that less than 2% of the people searching the web will ever go past the 3rd page of results (65% never leave the first page) so they will never even see your website unless it is at the front of the pack. Talk to us now about hotel SEO to get you more free traffic to your website. Our wired hotel system includes complete hotel search engine optimization for your website.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist (SEO)Search Engine Optimization Specialist (SEO)

LuxuryRes is the leading Search Engine Optimization Specialist in the hospitality industry. We are experts in hotel SEO and restaurant SEO. We have moved many websites from deep in the search engine results to the top of Google’s page 1. You cannot achieve these results without the expertise of a search engine optimization specialist. It is an undisputed fact that less than 2% of the people searching the web will ever go past the 3rd page of results (65% never leave the first page) so they will never even see your website unless it is at the front of the pack. Talk to a LuxuryRes search engine optimization specialist to see how we can drive more free traffic to your website. Our Wired Hotel System includes complete hotel search engine optimization.

Online Booking System, Hotel Reservation SoftwareOnline Booking System, Hotel Reservation Software

LuxuryRes has developed a very sophisticated online booking system tailored to meet the needs of independent hotels, small chains and online wholesalers.

Our hotel reservation software consists of 2 separate modules. The EZ-Res administrative module allows hotel staff to effortlessly manage rates and availability online. The Guest Booking module provides an online booking system (or booking engine) via which guests can quickly and easily book reservations with minimal Internet skills.

A Leader in Online Reservation SoftwareA Leader in Online Reservation Software

LuxuryRes has been developing hotel reservation software and the EZRes online booking system since 1998. Our online reservation software features multi-language capabilities and multi-channel distribution. It is the standard against which all other online reservation software is judged. Call today for a free demonstration.

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