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TripAdvisor "Trip Connect" module is now LIVE.

Read on to find out how guests can make bookings on the TripAdvisor website via your LuxuryRes booking engine.

Maximize Bookings

  • TripConnect sends travelers who are ready to book straight from TripAdvisor to your LuxuryRes booking engine. Guests can make direct bookings quickly and easily
  • Drive travelers directly to your booking engine!

Reduce Costs

  • Generate more direct bookings via LuxuryRes and spend less in OTA commission fees.
  • Make more by spending less!

Get Started

  • Call the LuxuryRes admin office to activate your property.
  • After your property is activated, go to your TripAdvisor Business Listing page
  • Follow the directions to activate TripConnect (it takes less than 5 minutes)

Book "Live" Reservations via Google Search

Cut Expedia Commisions...

LuxuryRes now connects to your Google search results. This connection allows guests to see your rates and to book a reservation directly on your Google Places Page without going to your website. This also helps you to point potential guests to

the low cost LuxuryRes Booking Engine instead of a high-commission Online Travel Agent. You can cut your distribution cost by more than 60%.

How it Works — How to Outsmart Your Competitors...

You already have a Google Places page. You or someone on your staff probably created it several years ago. Google provides this page to you for free, and then turns around and sells advertising to your competitors and Online Travel Agents (like Expedia.) Google puts those ads on your Places Page in 2 locations. The result is that many potential guests start by searching for your hotel and go to your Places Page. When they get there, they see ads from these competitors and often book a competitor instead of you. LuxuryRes helps you protect yourself from these competitors.

Book Live Reservations via Google

More Bookings — No Extra Work for You...

This cuts several steps from the booking process so your guests are very happy. You save a lot of money, so your owner is happy too. All of the inventory displayed on Google is derived from the Control Center. This means that there is no extra work for you or your staff. Everyone is happy.

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