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Sell More Rooms —
Without Lifting a Finger

Empty Rooms Are Revenue Waiting to Happen

By filling up those
extra rooms using
the LuxuryRes
Hands-Free FIT™
system, you actually
do less work and still
generate revenue!

Our system takes
care of all the details
involved in booking
your excess inventory,
and literally requires
no work on the part
of your personnel.

Wholesale Connection wholesale connection

Benefits of LuxuryRes’ Hands-Free FIT™ system…

Less Work —

Hands-Free FIT™ is a proprietary
merchant model system that eliminates
the Hotelier’s workload associated with
inventory management, commission
payment & invoicing. You do not need to
assign any inventory to LuxuryRes,
block any space or pay any commissions.
Our system handles all of the details.

More Revenue —

The Hands-Free FIT™ system obtains
real-time Rates & Availability dynamically
from the Hotel’s Central Reservation
System via Pegasus. We then distribute
your rooms/rates electronically via
agreements we have with numerous
travel agents and websites worldwide.

Hands-Free Rates & Ability —

The Hands-Free FIT™ system reads the
Hotel’s CRS via Pegasus. When the
Hotel changes rates or closes availability
in its CRS, the Hands-Free FIT™ system
automatically adjusts to the changes
without any assistance from Hotel
personnel [ i.e. – Hands-Free! ]

Hotel Payments —

You do not have to wait for payments!
Each reservation is delivered to your
Hotel via email and includes a credit card
you can charge in full for the net amount
of the reservation when the guest arrives.
We handle all TA commission payments
on our end of the transaction.

Enroll Today —

There is no long form to complete — just
sign a simple agreement. You will be
“live” worldwide within just a few days...
selling rooms [ hands-free! ]

Wholesale Connection
Call Today & Request Your Agreement —

Toll-free US & Canada – 888.895.9595,
or, + 713.524.2600

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