About Us

LuxuryRes' Commitment & Experience

25 years and still going strong!

Like many tech companies we started in a “garage” (sort of). When we started, we rented a small commercial building in Houston on a leafy boulevard near Rice University. It was a great space with lots of windows and wooden floors. Our growing staff loved it and put in long hours developing new products and services geared to making more money for our clients. After several years we needed more space. We wanted something that would reflect our techy culture so a traditional office building would not do.

We found the perfect home in aspacious, refurbished loft space with lots of character (and wooden floors!). We call it the “Annex” as a joke. It is actually much larger than the ‘Garage”. So, after installing a labyrinth of networking cables and racks for our development servers, we moved in. Just a note – our mission critical servers that handle web and reservations transactions are located in Dallas – right on the Internet backbone for added speed. After 25 years in Houston, we are stilling growing and innovating (and going strong!)

LuxuryRes Annex building
Staff meeting in the conference room in the new LuxuryRes Annex