Operations Consulting

Increasing Your Profit is the Only Goal of Our Consulting Services

LuxuryRes provides a comprehensive suite of expert Hospitality-Consulting Services that can be tailored to meet your hotel’s specific needs — and always with the unwavering objective of increasing your profits.

Our core Consulting Staff is comprised of professional hoteliers experienced in working with successful major hotel brands, including Marriott International and Hyatt hotels. With a combined total of 50+ years of “hands-on” field experience in every area from Financial Analysis to Staff Training, and with particular expertise in Revenue and Profit Optimization, and Operational Consulting, the LuxuryRes Consultanting Team is able to tackle virtually any of your hotel’s particular concerns.

Overview of LuxuryRes’ Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services are Designed to do One Thing…Increase Your Profits.

We provide a comprehensive suite of Hospitality-Consulting Services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We specialise in Revenue and Profit Optimization, and Operational Consulting. Our staff’s expertise ranges from Financial Analysis to Staff Training.

Our core Consulting Staff is comprised of professional hoteliers with a combined total of over 50-years of “hands-on” field experience with major hotel brands such as Marriott International and Hyatt Hotels.

Target Areas of Consultancy Optimization Analysis

Revenue Optimization

Revenue Optimization —

Every property should realize its full revenue potential. We can assist in achieving this goal by analyzing pricing, market trends, revenue management strategy and overall sales effort. With this information, we can

recommend new processes to enhance the property’s revenue–generating opportunities. In addition, we can provide assistance in implementing new strategies and/or ongoing support to ensure continued success.

Profit and Flow–Through Optimization —

Profit and Flow-Through Optimization

Maximum Profit Flow-through is critical to the success of your hotel. We can ensure that you achieve your goals. We analyze the property’s profit and loss history in regards to labour, productivity, purchasing, vendors and other costs and provide a detailed analysis on improving existing departmental processes.

We offer new and proven methods that will improve each department’s ability to add to the overall profitability of the hotel.

Again, we will provide assistance in implementation via training, current process enhancement and new process development or whatever assistance may be required to ensure success.

All processes, training and other tools are designed to optimise Profit Flow -through, so that additional revenues flow proportionately to the bottom-line.

Profit and Flow-Through Optimization

Service Standards Development & Training —

Our Service Standards goal is simple, to successfully differentiate your property from your competitive-set, thereby improving your profitability.

The majority of travelers in all market segments are willing to pay a reasonable premium so long as there is a perceived value associated. Market Share, guest and associate satisfaction are all leading indicators of the quality and effectiveness of a property’s service standards.

Our consultants meet with property management as well as line associates to determine which core deliverables are in place and review their effectiveness.

Once determined, we develop a training curriculum with both management and associate input. The design and facilitation of each class are based on effectiveness and sustainability.

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