Yield Management Strategies

LuxuryRes’ Recommended Strategies for Success

Our ongoing commitment to our clients is to supplement our powerful WIRED e-Services with the sharing of our well-informed information and guidance that will help your hotel business thrive. This section outlines several Yield Management strategies that LuxuryRes has found to be particularly helpful to our hoteliers.

An introduction to each strategy is outlined below. You may also request a PDF of the full, in-depth document. As always, your LXR team is on hand to help you with any questions you may have.

Strategy Summaries & Complete Documents

STRATEGY | Basic Yield Management Checklist

How to implement a Basic Yield Management strategy —

Effective Yield Management requires a combination of three simultaneous activities:

  • Research,
  • Pricing, and
  • Stay Controls.
Basic Yield Management Planning Checklist —

1 – Define Competitive Set — usually 6 to 10 hotels,
2 – Subscribe to ...

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STRATEGY | Competetive-Set Pricing Strategy

Increase your RevPAR by using the LXR Competitive–Set Pricing strategy —

The LuxuryRes Pricing Strategy is designed to increase your room revenue. The LuxuryRes Competitive-Set Pricing Strategy (CsPs) is based on both broad market studies and proprietary LXR pricing information. In summary, our data indicates that hotels that maintain LXR’s specified pricing differential relative to their Competitive-Set have an annualized RevPAR that is 3% to 9% higher than their Competitive-Set. When you consider the fact that a 1% increase in a hotel’s RevPAR can translate into a 10% increase in profit, these numbers only increase in significance.

Detailed documents supporting the basis for the LXR CsPs and instructions for implementing a basic Yielding Strategy at your hotel are available on request ...

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STRATEGY | Event Yielding Strategy

Maximize your RevPAR —

This Yield Management Strategy is designed to maximize a property’s RevPAR before, during and after a high-occupancy Event such as a major Convention or Holiday. This basic strategy can be adjusted to suit any market.

Strategy Premise —
  • The Event will produce very high demand for 2 — 3 days
  • Days preceding the Event may be soft
  • Demand displaced by the Event may shift Tuesday (following Event)
Strategy Goals —
  • Yield Maximum RevPAR
  • Maximize ADR
  • Maximize the Length of Stay
  • Optimize Yield without decreasing revenue on potentially soft days preceding and following the event
  • Set-up Yielding for Displaced Demand that sometimes reschedules immediately following Events...
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STRATEGY | "Peak Tuesday" Yielding

A High-occupancy Tuesday is no different than a holiday weekend —

The following is an example of a very simple, yet effective, yielding strategy. We have chosen to highlight a Tuesday because Tuesdays have historically been the "peak" business travel day in most urban markets.

However, this strategy can be applied to any day of the week with high demand in any market. The underlying assumptions and actions will remain the same.

Assumption —

Based on the historical data in your PMS it is determined that business travel demand peaks on Tuesdays during the fall time period producing ...

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